What makes The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer so special? 

The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer can harmonize electromagnetic fields and radiation by transforming dangerous frequencies from EMFs and MMW (5G) into waveforms that are more biologically compatible with us.

This is due to the unique carbon structure, known as fullerenes, embedded within. When our neutralizer utilizes fullerenes, its antioxidant properties shield our body from effects of free radicals. 

Our neutralizer, Shungite, is the only natural material that contains fullerenes.


Will it effect my cell phone's reception or cause interference?

No, our neutralizers will not interfere with the operations of your electronics.


How can I verify the product effectiveness?

Our product does not block EMF/EMR. By doing so, it will block the function of the device that emits the signal. Testing the device with an EMF/EMF meter will not show a significant reduction of the EMF. Instead of blocking the field, we are modifying it, not necessarily reducing its intensity.


What devices can I use it on?

Suitable For Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Computers, WiFi Routers, Baby Monitors, Gaming Consoles, TVs, and Microwaves.


Where should I apply it on?

For best results, The Zen Connect Neutralizer should be placed in the center of the device on the back panel.


Can it be used with a protective case?

Yes, the neutralizer can work with a protective case. It can be placed on top or in between the phone case. 


Is one neutralizer enough for my device?

Yes, one small disk or rectangular neutralizer is suitable for small devices such as smartphones. 

We recommend using the large disk neutralizer for larger electronics / appliances such as laptops, tablets, computers, wifi routers, baby monitors, gaming consoles, TVs, and microwaves.


How long does processing & shipping take?

Orders get processed the same day and ship the next business day.

Orders placed Saturday & Sunday will ship out Monday.

U.S Shipping usually takes 2-5 days depending on which US region you're in.

International Orders can take 7-15 days depending on which region you're in.


Where do you ship?

We currently ship everywhere in the U.S, Canada, U.K, and Australia!

First-Class Shipping Included On All US Orders!

Fast Worldwide Shipping! (Included on Orders Over $75)


How long does The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer last?

The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer last for years because the frequencies in them do not wear out. 


Is it reusable?

No, you can only apply it on a device once. The Zen Connect Neutralizer could be damaged if you try to remove and reapply it. The adhesive layer will lose its hold if removed.  


Authenticity Of The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer

The authenticity of The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer can be proven
with a simple test. One of the brightest features of authentic Shungite as a stone is that it is electrically conductive.

Taking a battery, light bulb and two wires, a streamline of electricity will occur from the battery to the bulb when one wire is connected to the battery and the other to the bulb while the Shungite stone is between them.

Due to the high carbon content in Shungite, it is proven to be authentic when Shungite conducts electricity, resulting in the bulb lighting up.

The Zen Connect 5G / EMF Neutralizer is 100% Shungite, sourced its raw authentic form found only in the Republic of Karelia.


What is the effective range?

The action radius of our Small Disk and Rectangular 5G / EMF Neutralizers is ~ 1.7m 

The action radius of our Large Disk 5G / EMF Neutralizers is ~ 3.0m 


Do you accept refunds / exchanges?

Yes, of course!

Please refer to the Refund Policy Section for more information!


Possible Delays

We do our best to ensure the timely delivery of all orders. Please keep in mind that we are only provided with an estimated delivery date from our carriers. On a rare occasion, these packages can arrive outside of the estimated timeframe.


How secure is my personal information?

The Zen Connect adheres to the highest industry standards to protect your personal information.

Your credit card information and personal details are encrypted during transmission using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer technology), which is widely used on the Internet for processing payments.

Your credit card information is only used to complete the requested transaction and is not subsequently stored.



Please contact us if you have any questions, we will answer all emails within 12 hours of being sent.