Mission Statement

The Zen Connect's Mission Statement:
The Zen Connect was founded to inform people about the 5G / EMF Exposure that seems to go unnoticed. Our daily electronics release dangerous frequencies that can present both short/long term health effects. Small children and pregnant women are the most prone to RF radiation exposure. The Zen Connect wants to make people aware of this issue by providing education and offering a natural solution to help!
Shungite has been proven to be a great shield against RF radiation exposure, this is due to its unique carbon structure (fullerenes). Fullerenes are only found in Shungite!
There are many health problems when dealing with the electronics we have today in our world. We are constantly exposed to radiation that we can't see nor touch. However, its presence is everywhere. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, WiFi Routers, and microwaves release harmful EMF Exposure that is not suitable for human biology.
Many of these devices, including smartphones, haven't been tested for safety. Children use these devices near their bodies while parents aren't aware of how much radiation they are being exposed to.
Combine that exposure with weeks, months, and years you'll see the consequences of these manmade EMFs. We don't want that to happen. We just want people to know this is a very real issue but is also very preventable with the right protection.