How It Works

The Zen Connect wants to help people stay safe from 5G and EMFs. Our neutralizer utilizes fullerenes, a version of carbon known for antioxidant properties that shield the body from free radicals. With The Zen Connect neutralizer, our team has designed a product that harmonizes EMFs and 5G waves to be safer for people.
  • Due to the unique carbon structure (fullerenes) embedded within, Shungite harmonizes electromagnetic fields and radiation by transforming dangerous frequencies from EMFs and MMW (5G) into waveforms that are biologically compatible with us
  • Similar to how a Brita water filter doesn't remove the main core factors of water but is able to rid harmful substances, our neutralizers filter toxic radiation and make it safer for human consumption
  • Fullerenes occur when carbon molecules bond together to form powerful antioxidants and possess a high electron affinity because of conjugated double bonds
  • Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by scientists Robert Smoli, Robert Curl, and Harold Kroto, which led to them receiving The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 
  • Our neutralizer (Authentic Shungite) is the only natural material in existence that contains fullerenes.

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