Importance of Fullerenes

On October 9th, 1996, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded The Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their discovery of Fullerenes to: 

  • Professor Robert F. Curl, Jr., Rice University, Houston, USA
  • Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
  • Professor Richard E. Smalley, Rice University, Houston, USA
Shungite is the only natural material to have the presence of fullerenes which act as hollow molecular carbon cage structures. Similar to carbon molecules with up to sixty atoms, Shungite acts as a free radical sponge to our devices.
This is because fullerenes are reactive due to their high electron affinity and conjugated double bonds, making them effective antioxidants.
Also, fullerenes are allotropes of carbon that appear in the forms of a hollow sphere, tube, and other sizes. The discovery of fullerenes greatly expanded the number of known carbon allotropes including diamonds and graphites. This special form of carbon is capable of forming many allotropes due to its valency. 
Unique molecular structures result in extraordinary macroscopic properties, including high tensile strength, electrical conductivity, ductility, heat conductivity, and relative chemical inactivity. Because of the fullerenes inside, Shungite neutralizes dangerous frequencies from EMF radiation.  
Fullerenes are powerful anti-oxidants with a unique presence within Shungite as Shungite is the only natural material in existence that contains fullerenes.

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